Aug 13, 2008

Dibs Update

Mcabe placed in the TOP 10. There were approx. 500 applicants and we are very proud of our boy who came up with Naughty Girl's concept and worked the camera. He was contacted today with the news that another commercial was chosen for the top honor's spot and that he would be recieving a gift in the mail very soon. He was asked to choose a color so we are thinking an IPOD might be arriving at our doorstep any day now.

The contest was open to anyone over the age of 14.....so .......much of his "competion" were adults. We're hoping that along with this little boost of inspiration, motivation, and recognition...... that he gets the bug big time and keeps on "keepin' on."


Alex Joy said...

Yayyy!!!! That's so cool!

Susan G said...

WAY TO GO Mcabe!!!!!!

we love ya,
the green's!

Erin Hickey said...

Being recognized and making people grin inspires you to continue creating so you can make them laugh harder next time.
Keep tickling, Mcabe!