Aug 6, 2008

Ever since Cate went all "pro" on me in the hair area...I have had to step up my game. Long gone are the days when a brush through the knots after a tub....or two simple braids would suffice.

Suddenly, my girls are aware of hair and all it's possibilities.

Even Zion is getting in on the action.


Brenda said...

All 5 of my kids went through a stage of putting all the little thingies in my hair. I forgot once and went outside and talked to a neighbor. He kept looking at my hair which I thought was odd. I went in and looked in the mirror and about died.

Family Gregg said...

I tried on a necklace in a store today and forgot to take it off. I think they thought I was trying to steal it. It sure looked that way.

Sean's Ladies said...

Just wait til I teach you how to cornrow!!