Aug 26, 2008

Our boy is now a college man.

Bradley asked him not to go this morning.....explaining that if he did....it would mean he(Bradley) was old.

What he meant was that he isn't quite ready to let his baby grow up...that life was moving much too fast for his liking...that it feels as if nothing will ever be the same again.

After prayer...kisses goodbye... and hugs on the driveway....Bria was off.

Bradley called a few minutes into his commute down to work. Tears....sniffles...cracking voice. He's just a mess.

Then he called again from work....saying he's so thankful that our boy is going to college....how he never got a chance to go
(because of the need to support himself from a young age) and how he really sees the benefit now of an education...etc. etc. etc. My hubby is weepy today :)


Sean's Ladies said...

Just last night, Evie said, Bwavawiah is a little scared. She was referring to seeing him in the car next to us on his way to his college placement test. He asked us to pray for him. We did...because he was a little scared. But now I wonder if he was on her heart because he was a little scared for today. Sweet bog.
What an exciting time....but i still want to push on his head and make him stop growing.

Brenda said...

Awwwww. My two girls are both at college too. It is hard but very exciting for them.

Susan G said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger said...

I do understand. I am in the boat with you guys/ I think I had more trouble with the tattoo. hahah

Alex Joy said...

Where is he going to college?

Kimberly Haugen said...

Ahhhhhh, so that explains the noise I heard coming from next door.

I felt like I was in the scene from "Under the Tuscan Sun" where she pounds on the wall when the neighbor was sobbing.

Now it makes sense. :-)

Eve said...

Oh look at Bria grinning sheepishly. He knows his dad loves him.

David said...

Congratulations and well done Mom & Dad! Another milestone. And what a blessing it was to be there last night to see you welcome him after his first day. He is so blessed to have you for parents!

Our son, Zach, hits 21 today and i am having similar waves of emotions. It is as if pride, honor, gratitude and regret were all poured into a blender and being bathed with the resulting contents. But i am so extremely grateful he has a heart for the Lord!!! David