Aug 10, 2008

I think that the Food Network is one of my favorite "indulgences." I learn so much without ever following a recipe. I'm definitely an eclectic cook....sorta in the same way that I'm an eclectic home-educator. Throw in a little of this and that...spice it according to taste and you're good to go.
Brie on a Bed of Greens w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette Kissed Fresh Pear & Cucumber Salad


Alex Joy said...

thnk you so much for your comments on my blog!! i'm so excited that you like my story :)

Emma said...

MMmmm... I mad this really good thing from Food Network last night.

It was called Shredded,Saucy BBQ chicken sammies.

MMmmm... looks great!!

Kim Thompson said...

Dawn this looks delicious! You would be a creative cook...I unfortunately am not. I must follow a recipe...but I do love to cook. And, I might add, my daughter is becoming quite a good little cook herself!