Jul 1, 2008

We have not....read the books....watched the DVD's etc.....but I am sure some of the Growing Kid's God's Way teachings have made their way into our home because the program is so darn popular and prevelant. We have had contact w/ families who are really into this and even though there were red flags along the way about aspects of their parenting styles (I'm sure there have been flags raised by some regarding our choices as well)...I do believe they were/are trying to do the right thing by their children.

From what I know of the teachings.....there's often a direct collision with what comes instinctualy to me as a mother...and I'll even go as far as to say.....some of them feed my flesh and justify my tendency to sin. For I am prone to wander.

Wow. We must be on our toes at all times...seeking Biblical wisdom and guidance. It is still pretty scarey...if not as shocking as it once was to me.... each time the enemy and his craftiness are revealed w/in the church. He will not show himself with fangs and horns and he is most definitely on the prowl seeking to destroy our families. If he cannot destroy us...he will definitely attempt to distract us, ruin our testimonies, make us ineffective and cause us to be non-entities or even detriments w/in our spheres of influence (our own homes.)

Well done, Grace Community Elders, for doing the right thing when called to.

"A Statement Regarding Gary Ezzo and Growing Families International -

Grace Community Church is no longer affiliated in any way with Growing Families International (GFI). For several years we have had growing concerns about GFI's undue stress on non-biblical matters. For example, we see no biblical basis for the stance GFI takes on infant feeding methods. A corresponding effect of the stress on non-biblical issues is that important biblical issues, particularly the doctrine of depravity and the child's need for regeneration, do not, in our opinion, receive sufficient emphasis. When the doctrine of human depravity is dealt with, it is sometimes handled in a confusing fashion. We are also troubled about a divisive tendency we have seen associated with GFI, beginning with parents who isolate their children from others not trained in GFI principles. That can lead to an elitist attitude, which has proved to be a threat to unity in several churches--including our own. We have shared these and other concerns with Gary Ezzo, and do not believe it would be helpful for us to make any further public statements about these matters."

--Elders at Grace Community Church


Seven's Heaven said...

interesting...haven't had contact with the curriculum in at least 10 years and had gleaned some good things from their teachings. Like the problems with child-centered families, roomtime is still a favorite for our kids and teaching an infant sign language so they learn to communicate their needs. But I haven't heard any of the other stuff and know our church hasn't done GFI in quite a while. Disunity is a huge concern in the body of Christ.

Family Gregg said...

What an education!

Susan G said...

You know, I hear the hesitation and I know it's not for everyone, but we LOVED Growing kIds. We did it will all our kids and it worked great for us. We loved the books and videos...I think being extreme on any type of parenting isn't good, and you got to do what works for you. That is what makes us great parents i think!

Family Gregg said...

I'm wondering if our elders decided the program was a "no go" around the time that John MacArthur, James Dobson, Ted Tripp, Dennis Rainey, Hank Hannegraff etc.....did? I'm curious.

Without the official statements by these and other leaders....there would be so much more confusion than there is.

This subject keeps popping up in adoption circles. I keep bumping into it.

Family Gregg said...

susan g:
I hope you are feeling better.

btw, you're the best kind of mom there is. You love the Lord. You love your hubby. You love your kids. You are transparent and authentic.

Susan G said...

DAwn, you are so sweet! Thank you! You are a great mom too! I love that we all do it so different! Gets me outside my box!!!!
thanks for always having something to think about when I get on your blog!!!! Keeps me OUT OF THE BOX!
Love ya