Jul 15, 2008

Naughty Girl

Mcabe has entered another film festival. He came up with the concept and operated the camera. If you are so led....please vote.
FIRST turn off the music player on your right...and COPY AND PASTE the entire link below after viewing so you can vote. Pass it on!!!!



Susan G said...

WAY TO GO MCABE! some day I can say, "I knew him when...."

S.C.A.N.&E. said...

I love when she picks her nose with her middle finger.
Love you, Cabe!

Seven's Heaven said...

So hysterical. We'll go vote!! Was 'the pick' the director's idea? Or the natural talent of the improvisational actress?

Family Gregg said...

improv from a brillian thespian :)

Family Gregg said...

brilliant :)

Seven's Heaven said...

i think i would have smelled the walls. oooo icky