Jul 28, 2008

One of our jobs as parents is to be on the lookout for...notice....catch....observe all the things our kids love doing. The things that are not initiated by an outside force (other than exposure)...the things that come naturally to them or the things they work really hard at without being prompted.

Over here...it looks like things might be headed in the following directions.....

Bria: filmmaker
Mcabe: photographer
Galilee: massage therapist
Jemima: fashion designer
Zion: all around princess

Last night while watching the season finale of The Next Food Network Star with the family....Jemima was having her own little Project Runway inspired moment over at her kitchen table/workspace. It was midnight before she put her design away for the evening and bright and early this morning...guess what she's working on? Patchwork jeans...all hand stitched with yo-yo accents.

Which one of Mcabe's shots do you like better? I'm leaning towards #1....even though it's a bit out of focus. I like the composition better and the lighting too. I love photos. I do not think I would've caught the details in the rabbit's ear if I had simply seen him hop by.


Kimberly Haugen said...

I love the composition of the first shot. Considering the fact that he was even able to get this baby bunny at all is quite a feat in itself. Well done Mcabe!!

Alex Joy said...

I think i like the first one better because of the position of the camera. I love taking photos because you are capturing a moment in time so that you can look back and observe things you never even knew were there at the time

Dakota Girl said...

Jemima, look at you! designing jeans. I LOVE THEM! Seamstress, now that's a girl after my own heart. I used to make all of Alayna's clothes when she was little. It is a alot of fun! Keep designing, you are doing amazing. regards, Kathy bruflat