Jul 29, 2008

I usually prepare PB&J when I am craving it....or when I am simply plum out of meal ideas...which was the case today.

It's not easy doing breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

Is that the most spoiled, complainey, whiney thing you have ever heard in your entire life? I am a brat.

Oh, Lord....thank You for my fridge, for a stocked pantry, for my oven and stove..and for clean water.


Kim Thompson said...

I can relate, Dawn! We are so spoiled here in america with food, aren't we? I have been making a conscious effort to use what I have and not just going to the store just to go to the store. I laugh when my kids open the snack cupboard and say "we have no good snacks" and it is literally overflowing with food!

Brenda said...

I'm thankful for PB & J as well. It is yummy!

Sean's Ladies said...

Well, cut yourself some slack. Not many people make 2 lunches everyday. If I was planning...breakfast, lunch, LUNCH and dinner....I'd be out of ideas, too.
Whit and I were just talking about being spoiled, though. Our great-grandmother ran a FARM with workers that she cooked for 3 times a day....without a microwave. We certainly tend to whine more.....or at least about the everyday things!