Jul 14, 2008

Brad killed it in the karaoke bar!

The best part of the whole thing was the fact that Brad was a complete basketcase for hours beforehand. A total nervous wreck. You see.....his performance was the result of a dare presented by Mcabe. I love that Brad put his fears aside and connected w/his son in such a funny and memorable way.

And I have to give props where props are due...my hubby is a really talented actor. He never let the audience see him sweat.


Susan G said...

ok, I would have loved to hear that!!!!!! HOW FUN!!!!

Kimberly Haugen said...

Bradley did a bit of the song for Don and I in our meeting this morning. I Sooooo wish you captured it on video. I would have gladly paid you for a copy just to hold over his head like he holds the "tree" video over mine. Darn it!!

I love all the audience reaction shots.

Family Gregg said...

Is that girl in the backround not hysterical!

You missed a great show.

S.C.A.N.&E. said...

Ok, so what was the song?????

Family Gregg said...

Ain't No Sunshine....Michael Jackson.

Family Gregg said...

Bill Withers...not Michael Jackson