Jul 16, 2008

A Caution to CHRISTians

"What a journey. I love that the Lord doesn't reveal everything at once. I think if He did we would all just fall down and die. He is so good to us in that He gives us blinders when we need it and removes them when we are ready. What would we hesitate to do...or even fail to do if we knew it all up front?"

This was my comment tafter reading a post on a sweet blog (www.welcometomybrain.net) titled "Adoption is Trauma." The quote comes from Heather T. Forbes (www.beyondconsequences.com) and refers to the fact that all adoptions are infused with some level of trauma.

If you are looking for info....read...Toddler Adoption, The Weaver's Craft by Mary Hopkins-Best.....Attaching in Adoption by Deborah D. Gray....and Shepherding A Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. Visit (www.attachment.org) / Nancy Thomas Parenting. I think they are good starting points.

Listen. Listen. Listen. The Lord has given us our particular children intentionally....for very specific...and particular reasons. If we are Spirit led...and seek His wisdom...He will reveal to us what is best for our families. Not all advice/information/techniques to assist in our parenting or offered to foster healing will feel right. Use what does. Do what works. We rocked in a rocking chair...went back to bottle feeding...went back to diapers....etc....before we even knew what RAD was. Had never read a word.....but knew deep down what was needed. He will whisper to your heart...what must be done.

There is so much info on RAD out there. A caution to Christians...we want to make sure we are building our homes on strong foundations while not tearing them down at the same time with worldly methods. Seek Him first....and red flags will begin to pop up. He will show us what is not lasting and what is. And if you get off track for a season....repent....turn and get on track again. Don't cry over the bunny trails.

I'm off to the pool w/the kiddos...but I have one lingering thought...What might the Lord who loves us be trying to teach us through RAD trials? Could we possibly be unattached/struggling to attach children ourselves?

Our Father wants desperately for us to look full in His wonderful face.