Jul 18, 2008

Out of town family friends ....whom we haven't seen a a few years....stopped by for a long overdue visit a few weeks ago. We had fun....chatting, laughing, all around enjoying each other etc.

We parted ways....knowing that time and distance are non-issues.

Afterwards....with much trepidation..... Mcabe offered up a thought. Maybe....possibly....one of the boys in the family might be.....maybe.....dabbling in something he shouldn't be....like pills. Something vague..... to do with pills and XBOX. I was NOT to make a big deal about it....get the boy in trouble....yadda yadda yadda. I had to PROMISE (which I never did) not to tell. Mcabe went away unburdened....greatly relieved to have this monkey off his back.

So, being who I am.....(and who I expect my friends to be) I brought it up to my grateful girlfriend who of course said she would keep an eye out for signs/symptoms...and we would pray for the Lord to reveal darkness if there were any.

She calls me yesterday w/ a funny twist in the story.

In the days since our "Pill/XBOX" conversation...her concerned kids had approached her with questions about our family. "Mom, is it possible that.... maybe....possibly..... the Gregg's ......might possibly ......think it's okay to smoke pot? The whole family...even the kids?"

My girlfriend reassured them that it was not possible that we were all smoking pot together....and it didn't matter that a few years had gone between meetings....she was absolutely sure that they were off base. She wanted to know why they thought such a thing. "Well they are so happy," came the reply....and then, "there was that big bag of weed LAYING FOR ALL TO SEE out in the open in the boy's room." No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Greggs might be a bit hippieish but not that hippieish!.... was the gist of what she told them.

Then, because the Lord had opened the door to a discussion regarding such matters....she proceeded to ask why the Gregg boys would have the impression that pills and XBOX might be a problem??????

So here's the wrap up. Her boy had made a comment about his friends w/ADD who take their meds prior to playing XBOX....as this seems to be all the rage. It had nothing to do w/him because he is not on meds.

Bria and Mcabe had a bag of green tea (bought by Bradley and I @ Hadley's in Palm Springs last week) sitting out on their bed.


What I looooooove most about this story is the fact that none of the kids wanted to be considered "snitches" but that ultimately, they cared enough about eachother to tell the "snitches."


Susan G said...

ok, that is the funniest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm telling my sister!!!!!

You guys are so funny! I'm so glad you bring"spice" to our life!! See you when we get home!

Kimberly Haugen said...

Okay, this is a long comment, so you don't need to post it. It's just funny.

Back in the late 80's, early 90's I was part of the Society for Creative Anachronism. "A pre-16th century recreation group."

Neither I or my friends drink or did drugs, but we were laughing ALL the time.

We were at the Estrella War, (this is where 7,000 people in costume get together and the people "beat each other over the head with sticks" as my mother always said.)

The gang I was part of were all sitting around the camp fire laughing and just having a blast when a guy who had been drinking quite a bit walked into our camp.

He sat down and didn't say anything. He just observed.

When a half an hour had passed and he had not seen a bottle or drugs get passed around, he got this perplexed look on his face and got up shaking his head and mumbling something how he didn't understand how we could be so happy and not a drop of booze in site.

He moved on to another camp and got the free booze he was looking for.

Family Gregg said...

Cute...but you are a total dork! Society for Creative Anachronism/ Pre 16th century recreation group???!?!?!????????? I have to go look up the word.....Anachronism now :)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness. That is such a good story about assuming!!!

Kimberly Haugen said...

Yep, that' me, COMPLETE dork. I tried to hide it, but it leaks out at times.

Anachronism: Something out of its original place or time.


Brenda said...

You wild thing.What's next tofu?