Jul 27, 2008

We had a.... few year long...rough patch as far as consistent church attendance was concerned. I don't necessarily mean....consistent "week in" and "week out" (although that was sometimes the case) ....more like "the same building from one season to another" consistent. We did attend 2-3 fellowships over this time of desert wandering....but none stuck. "Our" place of worship was a place we could not be....for a season. Now we are back.

Our kids wandered with us. Here....there....but not quite everywhere. It was not an easy time. Frustrating for everyone.

Bria's got two summer jobs and he's been missing Sunday services more times than not lately due to his work schedule. He attends a mid-week service at a local youth group but we have not been attending services together. We're not thrilled about this and we've gently mentioned... a few times.... that it's not the "best" scenario for him or for our family.

Given our "bedouin" history....it's hard to say, "You must be in church every single week because we say so."....especially when we went through a drought of our own and didn't say so.

If you know us at all, you know that we are not heavy handed w/our kids...especially the ones empowered by the Holy Spirit. We gently prod (sometimes repeatedly) and then rest in the fact that the Lord will work on hearts as He sees fit.

Well, He must be doing His convicting work because our boy traded shifts with a co-worker so that we can be together today.


Sean's Ladies said...

" I essaited because Bwavawiah not working!!"~Evie

Family Gregg said...

I looooooove her! What a special girl....excited to see her Bria.

Brenda said...

I'm so glad. I hope you find a place you all feel at "home".

Sean's Ladies said...

She is so funny! She even asked me if she could hug him when she got to church. Then she got all shy when she finally saw him!! Too funny!