Jul 2, 2013

Christians & Politics

As Christians...we know that peace will not be ushered in through politics.  We know that the Messiah's message is not a political one...but one that will affect the politics of individuals.

When individuals or groups place too much emphasis on politics...thinking wrongly that political outcomes hold the magical keys to unlock healing....well,   they are just plain old off track and barking up the wrong tree.

The state of political affairs reveals to us the state of hearts.  

On a side note...Christians who are not politically aware...should become politically aware.  Or they should never ever ever get involved in political discussions of any sort or share an opinion on any political matter.

And... it makes me laugh out loud when Christians (especially home-educating Christians) remain silent on" political issues" because they think they are being so Godly by doing so...while at the same time... spend lots and lots of $$$$$ filling their home libraries with books & various curriculums that celebrate (especially American) history & our founding fathers/politicians.  And then..they go and spend all sorts of time teaching from these resources.

Confused much?  Double-minded?  Fear of man?


Ruth Douthitt said...

As you know, I feel strongly about politics. Ha ha!

My involvement started when I realized I voted for someone simply because of the party affiliation. Blessedly, on September 11, 2001, I was pleasantly surprised that the man I voted for was a good man.

So now I make sure I am an informed voter. Unfortunately, now I have to vote for the lesser of two evils, sigh. But I vote because I can...still.

I know one day, very soon, that right will probably disappear simply because I am a Christian.

Soon being a Christian in America will come at a great cost.