Jul 3, 2013

Mischa ...the very wise repair man

Meet Mischa  from the former USSR.

He feels gratitude towards Ronald Reagan.  He came to the states when Bush 41 was in office.  He dislikes Obama.

As soon as I heard that...I yelled for Jemima.  She joined us by the dryer as this sweet man with a thick accent talked and talked and talked while replacing the machine's gas coils.

His bottom line...Obama is a socialist.  He was elected because of his skin color and now people are starting to wake up.

Before he left...Mischa asked if I'd be willing to see a photo of his grandson.  "Of course,"  I answered..."I would love to."

The next few minutes were spent going through a dozen or so images.  Mischa's grandson is going to be 1 on July 9th...and "he is an AMERICAN!!!!!"

What a fun distraction from the crappy broken down dryer that set us back $150 bucks.