Jul 1, 2013

Evangeline Cottage / Film Lovers

If you know our family on any sort of intimate level for any amount of extended time...you know that we love all things film & television.  We love character development.  We love how stories unfold.  We love actors and actors' choices.

We love watching movies together...usually in the living room (theaters are so expensive!!!!)  gathered together...diving in to various worlds and suspending belief until the credits roll.  The Lord has used film & television to strengthen our familial relationships...to bring us together.

And we often relate things back to film/t.v.  We use the mediums as springboards to discussions as well.

Some people speak "Sports."  Others speak "Music or Literature or Academia...."  It's safe to say Bradley and I speak the language of film/television.  And our kids do too.

I've probably blogged about it before...but who knows where and when?  I have so many posts tagged under "film."


I feel led to & enjoy encouraging filmmakers & film lovers.

The Lord has placed so many of them in our circle of friends.

This image would be perfect hanging up on a living room wall or above the bed of an artist w/dreams....blown up on either rolled or stretched canvas.

Or if an individual was blessed enough to have their very own SCREENING ROOM already....oh....SO GOOD!!!!!!

* inquire for size options & pricing