Jul 18, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

We have family members who experienced a very frightening "at home invasion"...in a high end suburb...in an exclusive community...behind a guard gate.

Our car was broken into under the cover of night...on our driveway...behind Troon Mountain...in Scottsdale, Arizona.

There's been a recent increase in the number of "incidents" in our North Hollywood neighborhood.  Security cameras & security systems are being installed by concerned & involved citizens.  So is motion detector lighting.  Community meetings with the police are taking place at coffee shops...and very intentional walks up and down streets are taking place with city officials...deciding if & where streetlights need to be placed.

We have a Neighborhood Watch sign posted in front of our house.  It's been there since the day we moved in.

I'd say folks in our little pocket in the big city live cautiously...with as much optimism & freedom that living anywhere  in today's day and age allows.

One thing's for sure.  Any man of any age walking around these parts in a hoodie on a rainy night...would get my attention.  I'd inquire.  I'd call the police.

I'm pretty sure I would not get out of my car if I were in one.  Even if I were a man.  But I don't know....if he weren't in sight anymore....idk...I might.

And if he came around again...and threw a punch and then got me to the ground and began to pound...and I had a firearm on me.  You can bet your sweet ass...I'd shoot him in the chest if I had the chance.

I don't care if he was black, white, brown, yellow, or purple.

Makes no difference to me...as long as he wasn't breathing anymore.

With that said...it is very sad and tragic that Trayvon lost his life.  And that Zimmerman lost his freedom and sense of security.