Jul 30, 2013

He's Got This

As I'm sitting here on a Tuesday night...with the California wind blowing through the window of our little rented cottage...I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of the Lord's presence.  So much so...that I am fighting to hold back tears.   Cuz He is so close.

Bradley is going through headshot choices in the other room.

Braverijah is on the road for the last leg of a 2 month long work trip.  He's due home soon...then off to Brazil in a few weeks.

Mcabe is out with friends...after an audition.  I just love his friends.  Such a cute one is staying w/us right now during a brief break in his tour schedule.

Galilee and Jemima are already at work on "next year's" academics.  Their visit to the orthodontist went well...and they are planning on attending a Dr. Who Marathon w/some kids from the high school group at a neighborhood church in a few days.

Zion is relaxing with a friend.  They go from working on their combined Scrapbook to lining up wardrobe options for a vintage inspired photo session they are planning.  A whole bunch of hats were pulled out and tried on a bit ago.

My day was similar to others.  Nothing particularly special happened.  Nothing out of the ordinary.   I was loved on by my sisters in Christ during our weekly time of Bible Study.  Hopefully they felt loved by me.  I puttered around doing the duties of a housewife and mother.  I worked on my little side business....evangeline cottage.  I shot Brad before the sun set...hence him making headshot choices in the other room.  I'm writing and re-writing in my head.  I have one story that is working it's way onto paper....so depending on how the night goes...

...maybe I'll open up Final Draft and get some story-telling in before bed.

If not...maybe tomorrow.

I think what I am trying to say is...The Lord really means it when He says "Be still and know that I AM GOD."

He's got this.


Heath Taylor said...

I know the feeling and am glad you feel the presence of the Lord today. It got me through many days and nights over the past few years!

Good luck in Final Draft ... I miss my old musings and rendezvous with that program!

God is great and glorious, but He's also so good to comfort us with Himself and the presence of the Spirit.