Jul 22, 2013

Jehova Jireh

Let me tell you how He is the Lord our provider.

Due to cutbacks at work...Bradley finds himself without a weekly paycheck.  Again.

Been there done that...totally trust the Lord in this.

No worries.

Except for.....health insurance.  Specifically the lack of it.  For our family of seven.

That's been a bit of a concern.

Just now...out of the clear blue sky....Brad gets a call from our family physician.

He tells Brad that he's looking through his books and sees that Mcabe is due for a check-up.

Brad proceeds to tell him the news of the job loss..... which led to the loss of insurance...which leads to the restless nights....and he proceeds to tell Brad not to worry about a thing.

He is our family physician and he will remain so...whether we have insurance or not.

If we have any trouble...we are to call him directly and he will see us whenever needed at a 50% DISCOUNT.

This is the same man that prayed with me last year when I was having all my weird facial/jaw pain/generalized yeast infection drama.

He offers unsolicited Godly advice & prayer.

Welcomed & appreciated Godly advise & prayer.

Jehova Jireh!!!!!

Obama Care can take a flying hike... as far as we or our Dr. are concerned.

Now, if only the Lord would provide some acting work.

According to His perfect will and perfect timing.