Jun 15, 2013

2 Years Today

We celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary in LA by transforming the side yard into The Art Yard.  

I thought I was coming out of a fog last year...but upon reflection...I was still deep in the midst of it. 


Things have become clearer.  My heart is settled.  

I asked everyone in the family to put into words a response to this....

Today we have been here 2 years.  What has God shown you in that time?  What has He taught you?  How has He revealed Himself to you?  Or challenged you?

Braverijah called in his response from somewhere in Washington State.   He talked about the way he was living in a bubble in Scottsdale....surrounded by people who were pretty much all like-minded.   And that with the move came opportunities for him to really experience the full force of worldviews clashing.  How he is being able to put into practice all he's been taught or heard about growing up.  And, how the Lord has met him each step of the way.  He talked about seeing through the "Hollywood scene."  And he mentioned that Reality LA has been really good for his spiritual growth. 

Brad says striving in his own strength failed miserably and he feels like God's knocked him down again by getting him to a place of truly living in the moment.  Not looking at the past or worrying about the future.  He's been taken to a place of realizing that he was looking to man for his needs to be met but now knows he needs to be ONLY pursuing the Lord...who will meet all needs.

Jemima says she feels like we had a pretty darn good life in Arizona but that God will take you places out of your comfort zone.  Even though it's been hard without friends & family..."that crutch"...you just have to trust in Him.  "I didn't really think that I had to trust in Him because I had everything and then He took me 180 degrees."  (She hardly ever cries...but this little exercise triggered tears.)

Zion says that she needs to trust in God but she's having a struggle doing that.  Because she doesn't like living in L.A.

Galilee says #1  Where your family is at...is where your heart will be.  #2  Idolizing Arizona is not an option whatsoever....  and....    #3  She needs to move on and trust in Him.....and....#4 it's okay to move from one place to another place...and...#4 she's learned to not take things for granted.  She thought everything was under control and then He spun it...and #5 He grants us new things.  He says..."Let go of that...here's something new."...and...#6 He's changing us.  

And I say...the Lord has a way with exposing what's just below the surface and digging up deep buried roots which you thought were dealt with a long time ago.  And He is so trustworthy.  And HEiscloserthancloseHEisrightHereRightNOWrightBymySIDEeverystepoftheWAY. 


Caron said...

Good stuff, Dawnsy!