Jun 2, 2013

Cherry Pickin'

Villa Del Sol

Julie's parents were dear friends of Brad's parents.  When Brad's family broke up...they stuck with Maureen and the boys.  Bradley hasn't seen Julie in a really long time.  

Today we went cherry picking with her and her beautiful family.  Added bonus...they had some friends with them who were also very nice.  What a great way to spend a morning. 

We spotted yet another fire as we headed back into town.

Freshly churned Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream is in the freezer.

5 ingredients:  Heavy Cream
                        Organic Sugar
                        Good Vanilla (that we bought @ a roadside stand on our trip to Grenada)
                        GF Trader Joe's Choc Chips

We are busting at the seams with cherries over here...even after gifting three neighbor families.  Gotta go on a search for some recipes.