Jun 16, 2013

Roxbury Park

I recently mentioned Jerry and Marlene here.  We got to hang out with them, their kids, and grandchildren for Father's Day.

It's very sweet...watching your husband reconnect with childhood friends.  (In the very park he used to visit with his maternal grandfather as a little boy.)

These particular folks represent safety and security in Brad's life.  Good times.  Carefree times.

While processing his own family breakdown..there were times growing up when Bradley pulled away.  It was easier to isolate than to be faced with what he and his brother and his mother did not have.  One of his great regrets is that he did not invite this particular family to our wedding (he didn't invite any family friends from his side.)  At the time...he wanted nothing to do with childhood memories.

Kindred hearts however....know very little about such things...or pay attention to distance in space or time.

I believe the Lord is very purposeful as far as relationships go.  I believe each and every one is an appointment scheduled by Him.