Jun 9, 2013

Sparrow Bean

We have a new addition to the family.  Sparrow Bean.   He's a Lop Eared cutie pie.  One ear is actually longer than the other and  he's super snuggly.

Zion's the only one holding him right now.  In fact, she's not allowing anyone else to.  

It's really cuz she wants him all to herself but she's claiming that he has RAD and that they need attaching time.

LOL!  Life is so funny sometimes.   I love the Lord's weavings.

I'm busy making artichokes and grilled veggies after church when Brad and Zion arrive home with their little surprise in a box.

I told him he was the biggest sucker going...but then he whispered...all stealth-like....that the Pet Store had a bunny SALE going on.

$29.99 and we have a super happy Birthday Girl!

I married a very loving man.  He's a good steward too.