Jun 10, 2013


I know it's not officially here...but I'm from back east originally...and the time period that comes after Memorial Day and up until the first day of school in September...is considered Summer

My father is an intuitive photographer.  I know...in part...I get my love of images from him. 

This shot...taken on Sanibel Island, FLA. is one of my all time favorites.  We would drive down from Staten Island each summer for a week long vacation. 

snow white sand
seashells in peaches and corals and lavenders with shades of gray and streaks of plum and tangerine 
sunburned noses peeling and cracked
sunfish sailboats
grits w/ butter
cotton in the breeze

There comes a deep deep deep sense of security when you are truly loved by your family of origin.  I was gifted with an amazing childhood.  Living my days alongside my brother...who was my best friend in the world.

If only our kids were half as blessed.  It would make me smile.