Jun 18, 2013

Identity & Idol Worship

I attend Women's Bible Study and it's safe to say that the topic of "identity" comes up at least once each time we meet.  If we aren't trying to figure out where we actually find ours...we are reminding one another where it actually is to be found.

Some of the temptations...we gals face...we are tempted to find our identities in our...


physical appearance

health / body / fitness




sobriety / addiction


mental/ emotional  health


marital status/singleness


When relationships break down...when wrinkles & age spots or blemishes arrive...when jeans are tight and boobs are too small...when roadblocks to success send us on wild gooses chases down bunny trails leading to nowhere....when  the phone is not ringing or call backs don't come...when the $ Store and $ Menus are about all we can manage...when temptation rears it's ugly head & gets the better of us...when we are pursued or rejected...when memories come & anxieties take over...when you've not measured up...when things are rocky or you've given up on the dream...when that item that glimmered & glistened for a moment...whatever it is...goes out of style...

....we might be tempted to lose sight of ourselves.  If we find our identities in those things which are fleeting/fading/vapors in the wind we will struggle.  If we find our identities in our circumstances we will struggle.

Whatever is competing with the Lord in this area of our lives is an idol.

Where we spend our time...where we spend our $$$...all that we pour into...worry about...lose sleep over....re-arrange our schedule for.....that is where our heart is...that is what we value.

And even if all we are doing is considered "good" by any one's account...we may be playing directly into the enemies hands.  There is nothing that prowling lion would rather.... than for us to be busy little beavers "doing good" while we turn a blind eye to the Lord's BEST.  The thing He has given us to do.

We are all about tearing down idols over here in the Gregg home.  And the Lord is faithful to reveal them in His perfect timing.

People can be turned into idols.  Ministry opportunities can be turned into idols.  Service can be turned into an idol.

Whatever feeds our laziness...our pride...our comfort...BEWARE of those things.  Without knowing it...they will sneak up on us little by little. 

Doing "good things" is fine and dandy...but not if it is keeping us from doing the BEST thing.

The thing He is instructing us to do.