Jun 13, 2011

He Is & He Will

I'm pretty sure that the earthly powers that be who made the decision to change things up had no real clue how that one little decision would affect the lives of  7 individuals and their intimate circles of family & friends.

They probably had no idea that future work options would require a move out of state.

That it would mean uprooting & finding a place for 7 people.

That it  would mean finding others to fill our place here.

That it would mean MAJOR changes for 5 children and 2 parents deeply rooted in a community.

HUGE relational changes.

HUGE emotional changes.

HUGE educational changes.  

HUGE financial changes.

That it would mean leaving a home.  The only home 4 out of 5 children have ever known.  2 of them...w/adoption challenges.  A whole other story.

That the day in and day out easy breezy contact w/ grandparents would change significantly.

That the day in and day out easy breezy contact w/ friends would change significantly.

That a trusted Pastor/Teacher & Sunday School class would become an internet presence.

That we would have to say "so long" to our 95 year old Aunt...while not knowing if it is really a "goodbye."

That one child in particular would be crying and saying...."I'm asking God to answer my prayers and He's not doing it."  Her sweet prayer...that God would give Daddy a job in Az so that we don't have to move to Ca. 

They had no idea.  I am sure of it. 

Here's what I do know.

The Lord is GOOD.

He has used the decision made by the earthy powers that be to minister to my heart.

To give me HOPE.

He is aware of every single aspect of our move and He has purposed it.  At this season.  For a reason.

He is trustworthy.

He answers prayers.

He is in our corner.

He has our best interests in mind.  

He is in control.  Completely.

He knows us better than we know ourselves.  

He will catch us.

He will make a way.


KaleidoScents said...

Dawn and Brad, I love you all with everything in me and I know that the Lord will do all those things and give peace and understanding to your whole family and reveal many things that aren't known right now. I am here always for you, with you and beside you too as your friend.


Raising Family said...

You got me crying again