Jun 7, 2013

A Perfect Week

This week has been the perfect home-educating week.  I love this week!

First of all....Brad's been home. 

Second of all...each kid is doing their own thing at their own pace.

Third of all...Braverijah and Mcabe...although officially not "home-educating"  live in the mindset. 

For a long time Galilee and Jemima were "twinned" academically.  Not anymore.  Jemima is busy busy busy finishing up a Worldview/History of Western Civilization course & Algebra 2.  She's teaching herself Sign Language and Piano.  She's also really into Mythology right now...and American History/Gvt.  She's always reading some classic or another as well. 

Zion enjoys Vocabulary (a list of my own making from the Dictionary... 3words/day.)   She's a late reader (much like Mcabe) ...but is steadily coming along. 
Core Curriculum is busy work.  I find myself skipping lots of pages...cuz some of it is pure fluff.  But...it's not bad for Test Prep and such. 

We are using Miquon and Saxon Math w/ her.  I like them each for different reasons.

Galilee is stepping up to the plate.  I think she finally realizes that she needs to participate in the process if she wants any sort of credit for any sort of positive results.  She's reading... reading... reading (The Diary of Anne Frank / 1984 / and Kira- Kira in the last few weeks) ...and writing.   Finally, she's WRITING!  And that's really a God thing and good news...cuz she's a good writer.  

Mcabe finished a commissioned art piece.  It's the first in a series entitled Hollywood Zombies.  One-of-a-kind/signed/numbered.  

And prepping for a summer tour...Braverijah threw together a demo reel for (PAUSE my Music Player first)  Dead Rabbit's website and ordered some business cards to give out on the road. 

I sat back and watched my perfect week play out with minimal participation and input.

Well, I did cheer them along :)


Caron said...

Wonderful. I looked through the pictures on this post with "Give Me Jesus" in the background. Yes.