Jan 25, 2013


I'm not alone on this by a long shot....but I have been talking about "college stuff"  for years now.

Like here.

Or here.

Years ago...while away on a vacation in Mexico...I was introduced to the writings of Marylin Howshall. 


And this book really affected my thinking. 

Life changing!

We are 13 years into this Home-Education Journey of ours and I am more convicted than ever that is is Lord directed and a blessing beyond blessings.

Some of the stuff we've been up to lately....

Volunteering at and filming a PSA for a local Crisis Pregnancy Center....blowing bubbles w/out a wand...playing The Price Is Right game with our re-purposed trash.

I can't understand those people (home-educators as well)  who require that their children sit still at desks while doing their lessons.    Not the way we fly at all.

We think the bed makes most sense.

And one of my most favorite things about the way we have chosen to spend our days...is in multi-age/multigenerational community. 

The girls are 17. 15. and 9 now...working alongside one another...each at different things...each at their own pace.      

Zion's friends are 10 and 12...not divided by grade levels when spending time together.

And our Ballet Class represents perfectly how life is lived in reality.  Zion's the youngest.  There are three teens participating and 6 full grown ladies.  All ages...twirling together. 


Jeni said...

You continue to encourage me when I need it. I battle the lies that I am screwing my kids up and u swoop in and speak truth.