Aug 4, 2010

Interesting article about attending college...or rather...the option of not attending college.

I have realized and learned to embrace the fact that I am an outside of the box thinker. It's in large part due to growing up in my family of origin.

If there's one legacy I'd like to pass on besides a legacy of faith...it would be this. Get out of the box.

Remember Proverbs 1:7

Currently seeking wisdom in discovering how this is possible for us during this particular season of life.

Prayers would be appreciated as we navigate wide open spaces.


Tamara said...

The comments to the article are interesting..very few agree with his premise or his math.

Seven's Heaven said...

We are certainly facing options like never before, for which I am grateful. We really started thinking outside the box when we read Do Hard Things and College Without Compromise. Those both really got us thinking about going against what the 'norm' is. My family history has been about the 'degree' and so much conversation seems to center around 'education' and that being so much of our worth.