Jan 31, 2013

Home-Education is FUN!

Sometimes you just have to switch things up...like using a dry erase board for math practice...instead of worksheets.  And it's perfectly fine to allow doodling between problems.

I would have never experienced the fantasy of Rose and Jack getting married before the poor guy froze to death if I hadn't allowed Zion to drift a bit. 

And I've learned over the course of 5 kids...to not take them or myself too seriously.  Zion just about had a heart attack when I suggested a sentence for her last Grammar question of the afternoon.  She giggled nervously to see if I would actually allow her to write it down.  Of course I would let her write it down, I assured her.  In fact, she'd BETTER write it down!

It's a very effectual sentence...I think.

Sometimes when we give our kids permission to do what they might be tempted to do behind our backs...the "whatever it is" loses it's charm.

We had a good laugh and nobody was worse off for it.

Relax, Moms.  Home-Education is a blessing.  We are allowed to have fun!