Jan 16, 2013

Table Reading / Perez Hilton / Interview Magazine February 2013

"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."  Stella Adler

  • This was a surreal week for me.  Bradley was asked to participate in a table reading of a screenplay for an independent film being shopped around.  He and I bundled up (it's chilly in LA) and considered the evening out in Hollywood to be a long overdue date nite.   He took to the stage in a small dark theater alongside a dozen or so others...and did his thing.  As an audience member...it was a pleasure to see him work.  As a wife...it was as well.  He's really a good actor.  I don't say that because I am blinded by flowery feelings of affection.  I say it because it's true.  I hope with all my hope that he is given an opportunity to work in the field again.  I watched as the co-writer...an actor you would all know...approached him with an introductory handshake and a sincere..."It's nice to meet you, Man.  I am a big fan of your work."  Bradley was flabbergasted.  He has been humbled and has no idea how talented he actually is.
  • We hung out afterwords at the Pig n Whistle w/ an old acting friend and his wife.  As life would have it...his son...an actor... and our sons have become close friends.  We hadn't seen each other in 17 years.  Since that time...he has married a woman...an actress...the child of Hollywood royalty.  I don't really care about that part of her story...even though it's fun trivia...what I am so pleased about is that.... at long last.... I was in her company.  Finally...I could get something off my chest.  I seized the opportunity to apologize for something I did to her as a teen-ager...something she had no clue ever happened.  You see...Bradley once told me while we were dating that prior to our getting together...he had thought she was cute (their paths crossed in acting class.)  One night...in my immaturity and prompted by jealously...I had her removed from an intimate house party in Laurel Canyon.  In protection of me...our dear friend...an actor...asked her & her pal to leave....claiming the space was "too crowded."  Two decades later....she listened to my confession ...and graciously forgave me.  Together we laughed out loud.   She is cute. 
  • I walk into Braverijah's room early one morning to find him on a conference call with Perez Hilton...in regards to a music video he is directing. 
  • And Today...Mcabe is featured in an Interview story.  
  • And also......I have had a strong urge to write.
Maybe this week is the beginning of some movement in a direction some would call "career advancement?"  Maybe it isn't?

Only God knows.

Prayers please.  For protection.  Discernment.  Wisdom.  Guidance.  Open doors.  And closed ones. 

btw.....Mcabe ^^^^^^  is not a smoker.  He was in character :)




Mrs. Spice (Holly) said...

1. Bradley is very talented. And...as a critic...I would say otherwise without hesitation. Trust me. Obviously...you do not need me to tell you he is good. I pray he will believe it.
2. Read and studied Philemon this week. Main theme - forgiveness. Love God's opportunities for us to be forgiven.
3. It is fun to watch your kids grow up. I still have images of them as littles.
4. WRITE!! Please write. Our Lord has gifted you with an incredible talent. WRITE!

Ginger said...

I love reading your blog. i love you and your family. it is so obvious took you back for a reason. I so look froward to hearing about this adventure you are all on. PS I love Hollywood! I am such a star struck fan! So cool to hear your stories!

Ginger said...

What did not come out right was that it is obvious you were called back to Hollywood for a reason. And forgive my darn typos.

Anonymous said...

mcabe's website is down. maybe it needs registered?