Jan 2, 2013

Holiday Memories

Bonaire snorkel trip.  Breathtaking. 

Magen's Bay on St. Thomas.  Jemima ^ reading...of course.

Grenada...known as the "friendliest spot in the Caribbean."  Riri (who LOVED Nana & visa versa) and Tanisha lived up to their island's reputation.  ^ Jemima reading again.

I have a thing for patinas.

Be still my heart.

Lots of faith displayed on the islands.  We didn't feel so bad leaving the boys with a random driver we met on the street who promised to bring them back in one piece (after a rainforest waterfall dive and a river rafting ride) once we saw his van message. 

What's a vacation without a little WWII history thrown in?


Sandra_dee_np@hotmail.com said...

Awesome pictures... Looks.like fun!!!