Jan 15, 2013

Caribbean Memories

This Rustic Inn is nuts.  Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale.  They give you a crab cooked in butter and garlic and a wooden hammer.  You smash the shell until the meat can be sucked out.  Delicious!  It was nice having dinner with Papa's sister, Aunt Jean.

Shopping for conch shells in Grenada.
Of course...Jemima and I had to have a little Lord of the Flies/symbolism discussion :)

A mom's work is never done.  Doing laundry for 7 on the ship.  And that includes a Current Events discussion while waiting for the dryer.  It was a pleasant surprise to find Fox News being broadcast in the laundromat.

It's lots of fun traveling with the boys as adults.  So handsome.  Especially when they dressed for dinner.

Eating dinner around the same table 11 nights in a row was such a blessing.  Not living near Nana and Papa is so strange...and has taken some getting used to. 

Wonderful memories.