Oct 8, 2008

What was going through her mind...I wonder.... as the problem of Putin was addressed last night...with mention of the evil empire...Russia this and Russia that.... and the KGB connection?

We had eye contact. No words. She was processing. I could tell.

Last week a friend of hers...a sweet boy ...asked if she and Jemima were birth sisters. (He's known the girls for years....and I think it's quite adorable that the question just now came to him.)

"We're sisters," answered Galilee..."but not biological sisters." "Oh," said the boy.

Then, Galilee offered, "Russia is in a war with some country right now. They attacked it."

"I know," said the boy. "I'm so happy you're home."

"Me too. Tell me about it," said Galilee. "No kidding."

We have not talked about Russia going into Georgia around the dinner table....but we do watch Fox News. Obviously, she's paying attention and processing.

We have the life long pleasure of honoring the countries of our daughters' births....while thanking the Lord that they are now home....and Americans.