Oct 10, 2008

Happy 11th, Jemima!

I'm convinced we are a nocturnal clan.
She got to open her first gift at midnight. We were awake (except for Galilee who was snoozin'....must be a growth spurt)....so why not celebrate?


Sean's Ladies said...

Happy Birthday, Jemaimai!
We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eve said...

I think I know who liked the late night the most... ZION!
Happy Birthday Jemima!

Seven's Heaven said...

Did you hear our song today Jemima? Happy, happy day! We love you! The Tutens

Alex Joy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEMIMA!! You have so many amazing gifts and I can't wait to see what God has planned for your life :)

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Jemima!! Candy? Yum!