Oct 14, 2008

Brad's parents divorced when he was 11. His Auntie Judy played a large role in his upbringing. Judy's son, Joshua came for a visit with his girlfriend, Nicki.

Josh was 13 when he came from Chicago to L.A. to stay w/ Bradley and I for a few weeks over the summer. Before we were married....when we were living together. We were artsy fartsy wanna be hippie vegans and I guess we made some sort of impression....because he says we were an influence on him. OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

He's really sweet and is an editor in L.A. He and Bria had much to discuss.

Nicki is a collage artist and we had fun throwing around marketing ideas.

We haven't seen each other since Grandma Reva's funeral and that is waaaaaaaaay tooooooo long.