Apr 7, 2010

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU LACK A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mcabe was in the mood to complain a little bit about how much he "hates school" on his way out the door to Chemistry class. I tried to encourage him.....saying, "Only a few more weeks."

"Yeah, when it's over I'm gonna get sh--faced..." was his sassy reply.

He tries to bug me sometimes.

So does Braverijah...who followed up his brother's statement with...

"I can't wait to get sh--faced too...and gamble....and....... do a whole bunch of cocaine off a stripper's butt."

Then I got a kiss and hug as we planned to see each other at 3:00 in the location where the guys meet for their Bible Study.

I told you you'd be offended.


Ginger said...

nope not at all! love them boys!

Kim Thompson said...


Mrs. Spice said...

And did they tell you that we are meeting up later to graffiti the freeway over-passes?