Apr 1, 2010

Surprise Party for Big 43!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad and Mom threw me a very sweet birthday party w/the help of some very sweet friends. Thank you, everyone. I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Ginger: Raw and real...100% authentic.
Tamara: Wise and trustworthy.
Lisa: Encouraging and transparent.
Susan: Heartfelt and ever so sincere.
Mom: Mom
Lori: Kindred.
Wendy: Jesus.
Whitney: Loyal and so so sweet.
Cate: My safe place.
Kim: Immediate sister bond.


JM said...

What a special time...the Lord knows how much I wanted to be there celebrating You! XOXO

familygregg said...


I missed you.

Mrs. Spice said...

Dawn: Wise, eager to honor her Lord, funny, full of life, creative, darn good writer.

Happy Birthday friend!

KB said...

You are blessed!

Tamara said...

I sure got you fooled (not about the party..the wise part)

Thank your mom again for me!

Sean's Ladies said...

please take that picture down.

Lisa Taylor said...

Happy Birthday to you!