Apr 10, 2010

Film Festival

So Braverijah's film, Coming Out.... is showing in the Phoenix Film Festival this week-end.

There's always a bunch of talking, talking, talking going on at these events...filmmaker panels etc.... (Braverijah speaks tomorrow.)

The girls popped in the theater to give a shout out to their boy...but we bowed out & went for an ice-cream run directly after his film (skipping the rest of the program.) Heavy themes in some of these shorts.

Coming Out, the story of an agoraphobic who finally overcomes his fears w/the help of a friend.... got chuckles in all the right places...and of course, his dedicated audience of supporters did him up in the cheering and applauds area.


Mrs. Spice said...

Bummed I couldn't make the screening...I really tried. Looking forward to seeing it!!!

Alex Joy said...

awesome wish i could have come!