Apr 15, 2010

Anatomy/Biology/Sex Education/Bible

We got a call from one of the moms in our group informing us that a baby goat was crowning in the orange building... past the green one...near the kiddie rides. Of course, we rushed right over. Excited to witness a LIVE BIRTH!

This sort of thing totally thrills home-educating moms. What an opportunity. Gotta jump on it. Life lessons.

The momma was doing what mommas do at times like these...very gracefully, I might add. We waited. And waited. And waited some more.

The babies head passed through the birth canal. The dear woman assisting the process made sure a clean blanket was ready to catch the kid. The patient man beside her in the hay...tenderly wiped away mucus from the partially birthed kid's nose and mouth. We waited. And waited. And waited some more. People started to whisper amongst themselves. How much longer? Does it usually take this long? Is this normal in the goat world? For things to progress so slowly?

No. It wasn't.

Someone sent for the vet.

We waited.

He got right down on his knees and went to work...trying his darnedest to get that kid out....to no avail.

While he was using his shirt sleeve to remove the sweat from his forehead...a cowgirl stepped in and took over. Her hands were smaller....no time to clean them....but not small enough.

They called for a boy...probably 11 or 12. I'm not sure if this was the first time he'd done this...birthing a baby goat thing...but it appeared to be.

With his arm buried to his elbow...the adults coached this sweet boy step by step through the process. He grabbed hold of the kid's two legs with one hand and the chain link fence with his other and pulled with all his might.

He lost his grip.

Then tried again.

Eventually...he pulled the baby free and we all watched for a breathless moment as this lifeless little body was resuscitated before our eyes. Mine were wet.

What could make a self professed "non-animal lover" pray for and shed tears of joy over the birth of a baby goat?

I've been processing it all day and here's what I've come up with...

I love life. I think it is a gift given by the Giver.


Ginger said...


Sean's Ladies said...

you fibber. they weren't wet. you BAWLED.

and I love you for it.

you are unexpected and fabulous and see the glory of God in His work---even if it's not your favorite part of His creation.

wish I had a camera today to capture you capturing this.


Ruffled Feathers said...

that is too funny, when I was reading your post and you said your eyes were wet I thought to myself "I bet she was a slobbering mess" and then I read Cate's comment. hahaha
Love it!!!

Sad we miss it.

Sean's Ladies said...

sad you missed, too!