Feb 14, 2013

Philippians 1:6

When I saw Thomas of Downton Abbey come close to being arrested during the sixth episode of Season 3...I was reminded of my real life friend, Thomas.

Not only do the two Thomases have dashing good looks and ridiculous eye color shades in common...but both are homosexual men.  They both have a bit of a bitchy side...but it's their sensitive side that wins those around them over.

If Ethel...the dear thing...could be (and should be) given a second chance after her glaringly obvious offenses...it didn't seem fair to think of Thomas sitting all by himself in a cold and dreary jail cell.  After all...it looked to me like he would not be acting on his impulse again.  Jimmy the footman was safe as far as I could tell.  

Now...most everyone probably knows how I feel about homosexuality.  Or...maybe they think they do.

I believe what the Bible says about the topic.  As it is traditionally understood in orthodox Christian circles.

Like with all sin...adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, cheating, pride, unforgivness, unrighteous anger, murder, covetousness, self sufficiency, jealousy, distrust, unholy fear....etc....etc....etc....

... we are offered a covering which bridges the wide chasm that separates us from a Holy God.  That covering is the blood of Christ.

Because I am in Christ....when God looks "down" at me...He sees the Blood of Christ covering my sin.




And, because I am in Christ...I have the Holy Spirit  helping me live a victorious life.  One which battles sin to the ground daily.  Doesn't mean the skirmishes aren't a bloody mess.  Cuz sometimes they are.  It simply means that the ending to the story is one of victory.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ...  
Philippians 1:6

Okay....so stay with me here......

It's not a secret that we home-educate the kids.  It's not a secret that we instruct in all subject areas from a Biblical Worldview.  Some might say that our kids are being brain washed.  Some might take offense to the fact that they are not exposed to more "modern ideas."  There are even those out there who feel as if they should intervene.  That it is their duty to intervene.

Parental Rights.org is a great place to visit if you want to see what's happening on the front lines of the battle between people who think like us and people who think like the UN or Eric Holder.

Just like acting upon homosexual tendencies was illegal and is still illegal in some places... home-schooling is illegal in certain countries and might be deemed illegal here in America one day.

This brings me back to Thomas.  The modern day...real life one.

He said he would start a Get Dawn Out of Jail Fund in case the coppers ever got it in their crawl to haul me away for home-schooling.

Today marks the day that I start my Get Thomas Out of Jail Fund.   If the coppers ever fancy to show up at his door and drag him out into the street for doing you know what... they will have me to contend with.

And for that matter....I should really start a Fund for all my fornicating friends.  And all my unforgiving friends.  And all my prideful friends.  And all my drunk friends.  And all my self-righteous friends.  And all my hypocrite friends.  And all my gossiping friends.

At this rate...I'm gonna be penniless.