Feb 5, 2013

Evangeline Cottage / Shalom

Every now and again I'm inspired to work on jewelry.  Evangeline Cottage...as many of my friends know...is the place where I take special orders for custom designs.   

This Shalom line has been slowly but surely working it's way out of my heart.

My inspiration?  

Post abortive friends...men and women...who have bravely shared their stories.  

And those who have lost children through no choice of their own to early death.  

Some have found healing in Christ.  Others are still searching.  

As a Christian...I know that shalom is found at Calvary and I would like to share that truth with whomever the Lord gives eyes to see and ears to hear.  


And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace.    Luke 7:50

My hope is that  post abortive believers would wear my designs and that the Lord would provide open doors for stories of redemption to be shared.  

There are many out there who are engaged in this battle for life without being post abortive.  The message remains the same.  

Death is horrific.  Christ has conquered death.  The enemy is a dog on a leash.  The story is written and it ends in victory.  Christ longs for you to live a life of shalom...here on earth and for eternity.

For those believers who have had children taken "too soon"...we sympathize. 

Bradley and I have miscarried 5 times. We did not lose "tissue."  We lost 5 children to early death.  

We have many friends who have lost children to early death.  Some to miscarriage...some to still birth...some to death beyond the womb.  All children...in various stages of development...taken by death.  

The Lord weeps for the earthly loss of children.  

Because of the cross...and our beleif in all that was accomplished there....we live in shalom with our Lord.  

He creates life.  We are stewards of the lives He blesses us with.   

Children are fearfully and wonderfully made.            

 A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Abort 73 and Abolish Human Abortion. 

Please contact  isa646@aol.com for shipping instructions

*For those who desire an explanation for the use of skulls.  Christ died at Calvary or Gogaltha...also known as "Place of The Skull."  This is where He became victor over death.  In Him...believers share in that victory.

Traditionally skull imagery has been used in Art to call man to contemplate the vanity of earthly things and to symbolize mortality.