Feb 25, 2013


Cate tells me that I am a die hard optimist.  She says my unfailing hope is one of the "cutest" things about me.

Faith is a gift.  It is supernatural and it's of the Lord.

The gift of faith is the ability to envision what needs to be done and to trust God to accomplish it even though it seems impossible to most people.

Those with the gift of faith trust God in difficult, even impossible situations when others are ready to give up. These people are often visionaries who dream big dreams, pray big prayers, and attempt big things for Jesus. These people tend to be optimistic, hopeful, persevering, change-oriented, and future-focused. These people also tend to be very convincing about the truth of Scripture because they themselves are so convinced of the truth and power of God and his Word.

I would think that it is the spiritual gift that was given to me by the Lord at salvation...but I know it isn't.  I was given the spiritual gift of discernment.

The spiritual gift of discernment is the ability to quickly perceive whether such things as people, events, or beliefs are from God or Satan. People with the gift of discernment know that Satan and his demons disguise themselves as holy (1 Cor. 11:14-15). They also know that Satan empowers counterfeit miracles (Ex. 7:11-22; 8:7; Matt. 7:21-23; 2 Tim. 3:8) to deceive people (2 Thess. 2:9), and that he empowers false teachers (2 Pet. 2:1), false prophets (Matt. 7:15), false apostles (2 Cor. 11:13), and false doctrines (1 Tim. 1:3; 6:3).

Although it is not my primary gift...I do have strong and sturdy faith.  Again...faith is a gift.  I do not drum up faith all by my lonesome...in my own strength.  It's during those times...when I do rely on self sufficient faith that things tend to fall apart get all sorts of messy.

Many times...I see the big picture.  I see way into the horizon...all the way to the end thing.

I knowthatIknowthatIknow that the Lord is going to bring something to pass.

My timing is often off.

The ins and outs are sometimes comical.

I have faith that Bradley will work as an actor again.

I know it will happen.

That's why I can take him seriously when he returns home from a BMW commercial audition looking just like a German architect... as described in the breakdowns.  


Sean said...

So Euro, love it! And I love how you got there from a discussion of spiritual gifts....

Ian Thomson said...

I am praying for you Brad. Here is a song for you to play loudly.