Feb 8, 2013


Jeni and the girls just pulled away.

I didn't shed an actual tear this time...and neither did she.  We're getting more & more used to the idea that the Lord wants us to not live in the same town.  But...my heart does hurt in a bittersweet way.  I really really miss her.

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.                                  
Poverbs 18:24 

It's so loving of the Lord to provide friends with your same spiritual gift.  This way...no words are necessary.   You just "get one another." 

And when words flow...they flow and flow and flow.

Like a river.

And He's so wise when He provides friends who have different spiritual gifts.  Exactly the ones we need for healthy growth.  

I am richly blessed by my girlfriends.  Every one of them is an undeserved gift...presented beautifully by a generous Giver.  


Njogm@yahoo.com said...

Okay now I'm crying...

Ashasnana said...

That's the most beautiful tribute to Christian sisters I've ever read.

Ashasnana said...
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