Feb 23, 2013

Daisy Love

Even though we hadn't met her during her time on earth...we had prayed for her.

Daisy Love Merrick's memorial service was so lovely.

As the Lord would have it... Zion Evangeline has Bradley and I all to herself this week-end.  We are sharing many, many, many hugs.  Lots of kisses.  More than usual.  And that works out to be a lot of kisses cuz we usually kiss a lot. 

She is sleeping between us and we are singing together.  Lots of Praise and Worship songs.

When you are waking up on a Saturday morning to honor the life of an eight year old who is now living in Heaven...things like gluten free diet considerations fly out the window. In fact, we made a  conscious effort to throw caution to the wind and let whatever come what may...come what may.  

That meant bagels for breakfast.

BIG CHEW for the car ride up to Santa Barbara.

A giant peanut butter cookie and a soda for lunch...with a bag of salt & vinegar potoato chips.

Chin Chins for dinner...with white rice on the side...not brown.

And a candy stop for dessert.

Daisy's mom had a sweet request.  Everyone was to arrive dressed how they were most comfortable.  For Zion...that meant pj's and a tiara.   Oh yeah....and a few feathers in her hair.

Bradley and I had a day of deep discussion.  The sort that flows when life's routine is interrupted.  Days like today...when you are filling your tank with gas for sobering reasons.   Lots happening in our extended family...in our circles...our surrounding environment.  How does the Lord want us to respond?  Where does He want us to reach out? To remain hopeful yet patiently silent?  To act?  To wait? 

We ask.

We anticipate direction.

We desire to follow His lead.

Jesus always shows up.  And sometimes He does so when we least expect it.


BasicMan said...

Nice, I also never met Daisy but followed her, Britt, Kate, and Isaiah's journey for the last 3 years from Maine. Daisy is the reason I call Reality SF my west coast home church away from home. Took a picture of Daisy when my two sons and I summited Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro 2 weeks ago. All my friends on FB knew who Daisy was and they were exposed to Britt's thoughts as well. We have an such an awesome God and now sweet Daisy gets to hang out in His neighborhood with a perfect body. Can't wait to meet her for the first time, someday. Cheers, sr