Jun 9, 2011


I have kept every single piece of work from every single child since our home-educating journey began in 2000.

Don't ask why?  I have no idea.  Even after pondering long and hard...I'm still at a loss.

It might have something to do w/pride.  Like...see all we accomplished....WOW!

Or...it could be linked to fear....like holding onto the evidence...having the ability to to silence a would be future spouse of one of my sons who might be critical of our choice to keep him home.

I'm so ridiculous.

It doesn't even matter why cuz now it's all piled into a heap on the floor...ready for the trash bin which should be arriving on the drive-way within the hour.

I kept some writing and artwork.  That's it.

The rest is rubbish. 

We've got boxes of tax work as far back as 1985.  There is seriously something wrong with us.


Raising Family said...

You put me to shame! I have not kept anything. I am so bad. I need to get a keep sake folder or something.