Jun 2, 2011


This is Luke...one of my students. This past semester we had lots of fun in our Logic Class. Fallacy Detective provides a good framework for lessons. A few times....I warmed up their brains w/suduko challenges. Also...I had the kids produce their own commercial spots and print advertisements.

It was a blast to see the Final Propaganda Projects. Luke nailed his!

I've been co-oping with this group for the past ten years. I'm interested to see what the Lord will do as He moves us out of our comfort zone and into uncharted territory. I must be honest....it's a bit nerve wracking. I do love our co-op so. Life will be strange without them week in and week out.

It's the relationships I will miss most. The shared laughter. The shared tears. In close proximity.

A bunch of families getting together to educate their children as they see fit. With no imput from a school board. No imput from the gvt. Hardworking dads and hardworking moms. Hardworking kids.

It's wonderful.