Jun 7, 2011

The Real World

For those who visit this blog via the RAD world...you will be happy to know that we have not yet had any major regressions.  Not even minor ones.  Nothing to speak of.

This is HUGE news...considering the fact that we are moving out of state...leaving behind the only house and home since the orphange...11 years ago.  Leaving behind family & friends.  Church & co-op.  Traveling to a home we've never actually seen.  To an address I've not yet memorized and haven't even map quested yet....therefore cannot speak much about. 

This is HUGE!

I am one proud mom.

Also a wise one....w/ lots of experience in the Real World.  Verses the Bubble one.

Expecting a time of whiplash...while hoping & praying it won't ever come.


Kim Thompson said...

Praying that this is a turning point...but also praying that IF it happens, the Lord will give you wisdom. :) xoxo