Jun 2, 2011

One Wednesday Nite

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are super sensitive you might be offended if you scroll further.

Brave: We have a problem, Dad. We need a spacer.
Brad: What?!????????

5 minutes later...

Brave: Damn it! These things stripped.
Brad: No they didn't.

And why is Mcabe's hand in his pants?

No explanation necessary.

This next image is a problem on multiple levels.

TV babysitter.
No sheets.
A "borrowed" towel from one of the various local 4-5 Star hotels where the boys & their friends sneak into when they are bored out of their minds...serving as a blanket. Resort town living.

btw......I love Steven Tyler btw. He is the perfect Jewish grandfather.


Ginger said...

ok so I am laying in bed this morning and just woke up and i got on the news page and then facebook and I see your blog post where I bop over to check it out. hahahahahah you crack me up. no pun intended. And what is with the hands in the pants. Note the picture of you guys travelling to LA while the kids are sleeping. Bam his hands are in his pants again. I was going to mention it but thought I would be more lady-like. But I just can't ignore it.

P.S. and know how I feel about Steven Tyler!!!!

familygregg said...

I have no idea what's wrong w/Mcabe??????? LOL, Ginger.

Raising Family said...

This made me laugh out loud!!! I hope you blog everyday when youre in LA so I can feel close to you like I did this morning. And, the hand in the pants??? I was wondering the same thing. Boys scare me!

Eve said...

hahah oh my goshhhhh