Jun 13, 2011

Mexican T.V. Till Death Us Do Part & Brotherly Love

Why are the girls watching Mexican t.v.?????????????????????

This is the second time we have hired a professional window cleaner in our 16 years of living in this home.

The things we refuse to spend $ on ....unless forced.

I'm pretty thrifty and do not like to spend lots of cash when there is no reason to do so.  Traditionally....we have been super frugal in the laundry detergent area.  Costco bulk brand...whatever it is.  It's fine....does the job.  I've had no complaints.

Recently we ran out and needed a quick answer to a growing laundry pile.   (No time for a Costco run...so Walgreens it was.)

WELCOME Gain Island Fresh into our lives.  I will always buy you...from here on out.  I do not care what I have to sacrifice in order to have you be a part of our lives.  I will look for coupons and sales...but I will not choose another if I come up void.  You have my word...I am yours and you are mine.  Till death us do part.

 btw...I have the most thoughtful friends in the entire world.  New games for Zion during this busy time when most every adult around her is distracted and in over their heads.  

Not Mcabe though...he's helping get things done that need to be done and making time for little sis.

Mom is super blessed today.