Jan 14, 2011

Zion is growing up fast. Suddenly she finds herself reading longer words and multiplying larger numbers. She's also doing "chores" for the first time. I'm not big on young children doing housework...but she's seven now and it's time to start slowly. Her job is to handle what's left in the sink after someone else in the family loads the dishwasher.

She tells me Mary Poppin's advice works. A spoonful of sugar actually DOES make the medicine go down. Apparently, this mundane task is made fun by singing and by playing with the soap suds.

I know that her wanting her dolls close by this week is somehow related to her wanting to stay little for a little while longer.

You can't see them...but there are equally as many dolls over on the other side of the couch. That's where she introduced me to Ella...my "new daughter. "

We play orphanage over here.

You know how life is with a new baby. Accepting meals :)